ASASE YAA (pronounced "ah-sah-see-yah", and means "mother earth" in Akon Mythology) provides global foods for festivals with vegan and vegetarian options available.

Traditional meals with purpose. Asase Yaa meals are crafted with love, energy, and sincere intention in value of our customers.

Our belief at Asase Yaa is that the benefit of a healthy diet and environment are essential in achieving a meaningful and well-balanced life.  We will continuously strive for a non-traditional, cooperative business structure, while we consider our customer’s needs and input instrumental in shaping the service we provide.  Our mission remains simple: to enlighten and be enlightened by you, and to heal and help our Patrons grow stronger as we reach out to our families and friends.

Asase Yaa uses organically and locally grown fruits and vegetables in most of our prepared meals.

Please eat freshly prepared meals as much as possible.  Select organic meals that are richer in nutrients and minerals.  These are important for your hair, skin, nails and emotional well being.  The feelings and energy we put into the meals serve each cell of your being.  The quality of healthy conversation after your meal also reflects the nature and quality of the meal. 

We thank you for your support of us!